Client Videos

As a surface designer, colorist, and design consultant for Maine Cottage Furniture I have been asked to create videos that explain the creative process and inspirations behind my work for them. As a result this adds to the appreciation and understanding of the company's products and brand. I wrote and voiced all stories, took all photographs (with except of "Let's Go to the Ocean" where I took about half of the photos), and produced all videos in iMovie. 

Lets go to the Sea

Designing the ocean-inspired "Coastal Collection" of fabrics for Maine Cottage was not as simple as was expected. And it all began when "...I was about four years old."

patterns are everywhere

I constantly  "see" patterns in my everyday life- and sometimes in unexpected places. 

NIght Colors

When evaluating the palette of Maine Cottage colors I felt they lived in the brightest time of day. And sometimes you need a bit of night. 

Finding rhubarb

"Finding" colors for the Maine Cottage palette is a thorough process which relies on a plethora of visual references, fond memories, and emotions.